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8. Installing Your Gas Fireplace

8. Installing Your Gas Fireplace

Having chosen a good location for your efficient gas fireplace, you should ensure that it is installed by a qualified technician. In most areas, a special installation permit is required before you begin, as well as an inspection once the work is completed. Check with the dealer, your municipality or your gas utility for details. You should also inform your insurance company.

Some dealers offer full installation services. Independent, qualified contractors also install this equipment. Make sure to get several estimates. When you are comparing the estimates, take into account the contractor's knowledge and experience, as well as the materials to be used.

Estimates should include the following:

  • an itemized list of all labour and material costs included in the estimate, as well as the total cost for all necessary work
  • a statement that clearly defines who is responsible for
  • all necessary permits and the payment of related fees
  • on-site inspections by the utility and/or other local authority
  • the scheduling of work that must be done by the utility, such as supply pipe installation and hookup
  • a clear indication of when the work will be completed
  • a warranty for materials and labour
  • a schedule and method of payment

Ask each contractor for the names of homeowners for whom they have installed similar fireplaces, and contact these references. It is also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if complaints have been filed on any of the companies you are considering.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask the installer for a clear explanation of any aspect of the work before, during or after the installation of your gas fireplace.




Source: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) - Office of Energy Efficiency