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You may have heard of an HRV or heat recovery ventilator system, but do you know what it does?

An HRV (also known as an energy recovery ventilation system) takes heat or coolness out of old exhaust air and transfers it to the fresh intake air. In the meantime it removes excess moisture, odors and contaminants while helping you to conserve energy in your home.

A heat recovery ventilator might be the right decision for your family if you are interested in balanced ventilation solutions that both save energy and advance personal comfort. When a home is airtight like many modern homes are (think of airtight windows and the absence of drafts) it might need this type of ventilation for a steady supply of fresh air. While drafty homes were the reason for expensive heating costs, they also provided fresh air that’s missing in today’s thermally efficient homes.

The HRV also takes moisture, which can come from cooking, washing and even breathing, out of the air, reducing the occurrence of excess moisture and mold growth on the walls. In addition to moisture, they also allow any gases from the home, such as those that might come from gas ranges, water heaters, leaky chimneys and any wood-burning appliances, to escape the air.

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While you can open a window for fresh air, or use a filter to catch airborne contaminants, the heat recovery ventilation system is considered the best whole home solution to create balanced ventilation in a home. The HRV uses only a small amount of energy to power the electric fans that are part of the system. A typical unit features two fans - one that expels the old air and one that brings in new air. The heat exchange core transfers heat from the outgoing stream to the incoming stream, recovering up to 85% of the heat that would otherwise be lost in the outgoing airstream.

To determine if a heat recovery ventilator is the right solution for your home, talk with the climate experts at Aido Climate Solutions Inc.. Call us today to determine if an HRV could help with your ventilation needs and energy savings at home.

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