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Purchasing with Aido

At Aido Climate Solutions Inc. we understand that there are a wide range of financial circumstances in which we can find ourselves. That is why we offer Upfront, Finance, and Rental options for all our customers. Within these options we provide our top quality 5 star solutions for all budgets and needs!

Upfront Purchase

For customers who want to purchase with Debit, E-Transfer, Check, Draft, or Credit Card. There are no extra costs, no interest, no fees, and no application or contract to go through. This allows you to accept the proposal, have the equipment installed professionally, and accomplish payment immediately. If you are in need of a solution quickly or don't want any extra costs or paperwork, this may be the route for you!

Finance Purchase

For customers that want to own their equipment but do not have the funds today. These financing contracts are open with no down payment required! Interest is charged monthly on the monthly value. This allows you to put funds towards the principle value at any time, interest free. We offer plans with up to 12 months of no payments and no interest! With terms up to 180 months at a variety of interest rates there is lots of flexibility and options within these plans allowing them to meet all monthly budgets.

Rental Purchase

For customers that won’t be in the home long past install, landlords, and for complete peace of mind. This option includes full Parts and Labour coverage, as well as Maintenance, at a fixed monthly value. With manageable monthly payments you pay for the use of the equipment and no more. When the time comes to move, you can easily transfer the contract to the new homeowner. Relax your mind and depend on this static monthly payment and our 5 star quality!

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We understand at Aido that sometimes breakdowns and replacements happen with little warning. Offering options with no upfront costs allows our customers to pay comfortable monthly installments and obtain our professional 5 star solutions. Having these options can also allow you to properly address your home's and family's needs without solely focusing on what you could afford in a one-day purchase. If you are interested, please call us today and we can get your application started!