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Is your air conditioning system costing you more and more on energy each month? Does your AC unit require frequent repairs? Has your air conditioning system broken down multiple times in the past few months?

If you have encountered any of these problems, you probably know how expensive they can be. When you have your air conditioning unit serviced on a regular basis, it can help combat these issues and reduce the amount you spend on energy and repairs. At Aido Climate Solutions Inc., we offer air conditioning maintenance to help your system last longer.

How Often Should I Clean or Replace Air Filters in my AC Unit?

In order for your HVAC system to operate at its best, air filters should be changed every 30 days or once they start to look discolored. If you use a higher end air filter, you can change it every 3 months. If the filter looks dirty, it is dirty. Filters should be changed on a monthly basis when the system is in high use, such as during winter and summer months, and every other month during lower-use times in the spring and fall depending on filter size.

What Regular Maintenance Does a Home AC System Require and How Often Should It Be Serviced?

Ideally, an air conditioning system should be serviced once a year — once before the summer cooling season to ensure longevity, dependability and catch potential issues early on. It’s good to maintain air flow and performance by keeping dust, dirt and debris away from any system. Keep air filters clean, and heat exchangers and coils free of restrictions.

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As a member of our maintenance club program, you receive regular air conditioning maintenance service along with a number of other perks and benefits, including:

  • 10% discount on repairs.
  • Priority service.
  • Waived after hours fees.
  • Semi-annual indoor air quality checks of your home.
  • And more!

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What Systems Should Have Maintenance?

It is safe to say that most air conditioning systems will require a certain level of maintenance. Whether you have a ductless mini-split air conditioner or central air conditioning system, you should have it serviced at least on an annual basis. All air conditioning systems have the potential to break down and become full of dust and dirt. Having your air conditioning system serviced regularly will help it run more efficiently as well as reduce your overall energy costs

What does Air Conditioning Maintenance Consist of?

Air conditioning maintenance will consist of a cleaning of your air conditioning unit as well as an inspection of your air conditioning system. You can expect the following from your air conditioning maintenance:

  • A cleaning of your air conditioning unit.
  • A testing of your air conditioner’s thermostat.
  • An inspection of your air conditioner’s fans, motors and safety devices.
  • A check of your air conditioner’s wiring, refrigerant levels and compressor.
  • A replacement of your air conditioner’s air filter.

Having your air conditioner serviced is a good way to spot issues that may become major repairs in the future. Regular maintenance will help your air conditioner operate more effectively and help it last longer.

Why is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Air conditioning maintenance is important for a variety of reasons. It can help your air conditioning system operate more effectively and cut down on costs. Some benefits of air conditioning maintenance include:

  • Your air conditioning system has a longer service life.
  • Your AC unit is covered under warranty.
  • Your air conditioning system requires less repairs.
  • Your AC unit cost you less on energy each month.

Most air conditioning system manufacturer warranties require that you have your air conditioning system serviced by a licensed HVAC contractor on a regular basis in order for the warranty to be valid. Getting your air conditioning system on a maintenance program is a great way to ensure that your air conditioning system is covered under warranty.

Magical Comfort Club

At Aido Climate Solutions Inc., we provide a variety of maintenance options with our Magical Comfort Club. We have gold and platinum memberships with options for one or multiple systems. Our maintenance plans include 10% discounts on repairs, semi-annual tune-ups, priority service and waived after hours fees. When you select our platinum membership, you will also receive special perks like complimentary semi-annual indoor air quality checks of your home!

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