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In the summer, air conditioning can be the difference between hot and sticky indoor air and breathable, cool comfort. An air conditioner can control both the temperature and humidity in a home, meaning comfort for your entire family.

How Can I Increase Efficiency and the Lifespan of my HVAC System?

One of the best ways to improve your system’s performance is to frequently clean or replace air filters. Other ways include a programmable thermostat, keeping curtains drawn in rooms exposed to sunlight and not blocking airflow by closing vents in multiple rooms.

Our Air Conditioning Services

Aido Climate Solutions Inc. takes care of all aspects of your air conditioning services. We repair air conditioning systems, replace air conditioning units and maintain them for safety, efficiency and better performance.

Air Conditioning Repairs

When your system isn’t working properly, you want to be able to call an air conditioning company that will be there as soon as possible. Aido Climate Solutions Inc. will identify the problem and perform the needed air conditioning repairs to get your system back up and running immediately.

Air Conditioning Installation

When you are installing a new air conditioner or replacing the system that you have, Aido Climate Solutions Inc. is your best choice for determining the air conditioning system that is right for your home. We’ll evaluate your space and cooling needs to identify the correct size, capacity and model of system for your house — including ductless AC options! Installation day is incredibly important in the lifetime of your AC system, so we’ll ensure it’s installed carefully, correctly and with the skill our decades of expertise provide.

We offer complimentary estimates on new air conditioning systems for your home. Schedule your free consultation today!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The best way to keep your system running efficiently and smoothly is to have annual maintenance done on your central AC. With membership in our Magical Comfort Club, Aido Climate Solutions Inc. will provide you with top quality, comprehensive AC maintenance service visits, along with added membership perks, to ensure your system achieves top performance.

Call Aido For Your AC Services

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new AC system to install in your home or you are looking for someone to service your existing system, Aido Climate Solutions Inc. is your local air conditioning expert. We understand how important it is to have comfortable temperatures at home and we will work hard to achieve complete home comfort for your family.

For more information or help with any air conditioner services, call Aido Climate Solutions Inc. (519) 835-2436 today. We’ll work with you to realize your vision for comfort at home.

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