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Making Your Indoor Air Cleaner For Your Home

Did you know there’s an appliance you can run that will help you dust less often? A dehumidifier makes your home less hospitable to dust mites and other particles that freely travel through the air, dirtying surfaces throughout the home.

Running a dehumidifier will make it so you can actually dust less!

Dehumidifiers perform essential tasks in the home as excess moisture in the air can cause all sorts of problems. Humid air is more hospitable to mildew and mold in addition to dust mites that cause allergy issues. Mildew and mold might not be top of mind when you think of your clean home, but excess moisture allows for mold and mildew growth that negatively affect your indoor air quality.

Cleaning Your Air Silently, Around the Clock

Without you even noticing, dehumidifiers go about cleaning your indoor environment 24 hours a day. They reduce and remove odors that might be “musty” or “moldy” and they keep mold from developing on clothing, furniture and linens. Dehumidifiers also prevent the growth of other irritants in the air, helping you to breathe and feel more comfortable within your home.

Clothes and fabrics dry faster in a drier environment, and foods like cereals and breads will stay fresher longer. Less humid environments are also good for your technology as there will be less corrosion and rust on equipment and even tools.

Fewer Home Improvement Needs

Another unexpected benefit of installing a dehumidifier in your home is the prevention of major renovation costs. This is because, in addition to causing sickness-inducing mold growth, excess moisture in your home can also cause your wood floors and doors to swell and warp. By using a dehumidifier to control the amount of water in your home’s air, you can avoid floor repair and replacement costs, as well as annoying sticky, squeaky doors.

For breathing at home, and for the wellness and safety of your food and belongings, a dehumidifier goes a long way towards achieving a healthy environment. Call Aido Climate Solutions about installing a dehumidifier in your home today.

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19:45 21 Jan 22
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Super friendly service! Pretty flexible with their hours on when they could come, and took the time to show me how to use my new equipment.
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