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Water Softeners

Aido Will Treat Hard Water in Guelph & the Surrounding Areas

Hard water can leave a hot mess. It can leave limescale and stains on your shower and tub walls and unsightly spots and film on your clean dishes, and it can be harsh on your family’s clothes, skin and hair.

Hard water contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. It’s not bad for your health but it does cause mineral build-up in plumbing fixtures and on appliances, and even saturate your clothes. Hard water can also leave soap residue on the skin which can lead to clogged pores. It can also strip away the natural moisture of the skin, leaving your skin feeling dry and itchy.

Why Does Water Need Softening?

Whether you soften your water is a personal choice that can affect your home and environment. If the hardness is more than 7 grains per gallon or 120mg/L your appliances may run better and the taste, smell and look of your water may improve with water softeners.

Aido Climate Solutions can improve your water experience with a state-of-the-art water softening system. As water passes through your water softening system, hardness causing minerals are filtered out and softened water which is easier on your hair and skin, as well as your appliances and fixtures, is produced.

Is Softened Water Safe To Drink?

Softened water is safe for consumption. The only softened water that is not safe to drink is water that was above 400 ppm calcium before softening. The amount of sodium needed to soften that hardness of water is not safe to consume.

Should I Soften My Water?

If you have hard water, softening will make the water easier on your appliance, fixtures, clothes, skin and hair. You’ll see less limescale build up on your appliances and plumbing and you’ll spend less time scrubbing your sink and tubs.

Call Aido Climate Solutions for your water softening system today. We’ll test your water, talk to you about the levels of minerals and treat your water accordingly. Call Aido for better water for washing and bathing today.

Our Customers Say It Best!
Elaine Royea
Elaine R.
17:39 24 Jan 22
Excellent service, knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful employees.
Ronald Wilson
Ronald W.
19:45 21 Jan 22
Kyle was very personable, knowledgeable and did a great job.
Daniel Horspool
Daniel H.
00:10 21 Jan 22
Super friendly service! Pretty flexible with their hours on when they could come, and took the time to show me how to use my new equipment.
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